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Earth Day Market Eco Friendly Vintage Vendors

Magpie Reclamations Hosts Inaugural Earth Day Market

Magpie Reclamations is excited to announce our inaugural Earth Day Market! The Market will be hosted at the Magpie Reclamations store in Del Ray on Saturday, April 20th from 10-3pm. This is a free, dog and child friendly event!

Eighteen sustainably minded vendors will be joining us for the event. Vendors include a wide range of vintage and sustainable products, including vintage furniture, clothing, and home decor, sustainably manufactures soaps, candles, vegan friendly food options and much more! The Vendors will be located in front of the store along our front lawn, as well as in our back lot area. 

The goal of the Earth Day Market increase knowledge and awareness around the intersection of sustainability and secondhand products, all while bringing together a wide range of vendors who represent the diversity and breadth of this enterprise. 

Magpie Reclamations will be donating a portion of proceeds from the event to the Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center. The Center "is deeply committed to environmental sustainability by providing opportunities to all people desiring authentic outdoor recreational and educational experiences that contribute to the health of the Bay."

The Center's Values to provide equitable access to nature, increase ecological literacy among citizens, inspire a love of nature and a sense of stewardship through volunteer opportunities, and encourage the exploration of the natural world.

These Values closely align with our values here at Magpie Reclamations, where our mission is to increase knowledge and consumer literacy about the environmental impacts of our furniture and home decors purchasing.